Riesling de Rhin PGI 2017 white Allegro


Riesling de Rhirn PGI Allegro

Riesling de Rhin PGI 2017 Allegro

White dry wine, with Protected Geographical Indication, produced from Riesling grapes, considered one of the noblest and most aristocratic from all white wines. It has a beautiful pale yellow colour, with golden nuances.

The wine has a rich flavour, combined with fresh lime, acacia and field flowers. The taste is elegant and delicate, with specific mineral hints.

This wine is a perfect fit to sea fruits and sea food, such as sushi, sashimi, shrimps and all type of fish meat dishes.


  • Riesling de Rhin
  • Min 12.5 % vol. 
  • Bordelessa 0.75 l / 1.35 kg
  • Natural cork - capsule

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