Purpuriu de Purcari 1988 Golden Co

Purpuriu de Purcari 1988 Golden Co

This is the elite vintage from Milectii Mici’s Golden Collection. The Golden Collection is a special whole range of rare Moldavian wines. All vintages have dual maturation: from 6 months to several years, when the wines are being matured in oak barrels, and then bottled and stored in the Golden Collection vaults for no less than 3 years. The vintages range from 1969 to 2005.

Each bottle is sealed with natural cork and then covered with sealing wax. Each label bears the unique design, modelled on the ancient map of the “underground wine city”, the inventory number and the annotation on the back, guaranteeing the quality and informing the customers about the age of the wine.

Purpuriu de Purcari 1988  – natural dry red wine of collection quality, produced of kinds of grapes such as Merlot and Pinot Franc. The wine has a dark purple colour. Rich aroma of wild berries, with tones of maturation, rich, corpulent and structured. The wine is recommended to be served with grilled pork or meat rolls with eggs and vegetables.


  •  Pinot Franc, Merlot
  •  Alc. min 10.5 % 
  •  Bordeaux 0.7 l / 1.25 kg
  •  Natural cork - sealing wax

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