Pastoral High Quality Dessert Wine


Pastoral High Quality Dessert Wine

Red sweet dessert wine, produced from Cabernet-Sauvignon grapes. Pastoral is the approved Moldavian term for the well-known sweet Cahors wines. It is usually given in churches for Holy Communion services.

The wine has an elegant dark-ruby, almost black colour.

The rich flavour blows your mind – dry black plums, blackcurrant, and dark chocolate, with soft tobacco spices.

The taste is full, sweet and delicious, making it a perfect fit to chocolate desserts with dry fruits, creamy brown cakes, or you can drink it just for pleasure. 

  •  Cabernet-Sauvignon
  •  Min. 16 % vol.
  •  Bordelessa  0.75 l / 1.25 kg
  •  Agglomerate cork  - capsule

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