Codru 1987 Vintage wine Preserved in Golden Co


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Codru 1987 Vintage wine Preserved in Golden Co

These wines are prepared from the same excellent winemaking material as the collection wines. They are stored in the “Golden Collection” Milestii Mici not less than three years. The only difference from the collection wines is that they are corked with agglomerate cork.

All the other parameters, including the organoleptic characteristics are identical. Each bottle has an inventory number and annotation, in which are indicated the vintage year and the date of storing the wine into the collection.

Codru 1987 – red dry collection wine, produced from Cabernet-Sauvignon (75%) and Merlot (25%) wines. The wine has unique deep red colour with rich brick nuances. The complete bouquet has a very special flavour of bitter cherry or cherry bone. This wine is a good association with dishes from white saucy meat or with the cheese "Cheddar", whose original taste will be shaded by the astringency of the wine.


  •  Cabernet - Sauvignon, Merlot
  •  Min 10.5 % vol
  •  Bordeaux 0.7 l / 1.25 kg
  •  Agglomerate cork - sealing wax

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