Chardonnay 2013 white Golden Co


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Chardonnay 2013/15 white Golden Co

White dry collection wine, produced from Chardonnay grapes. The specific for collection wine is its double maturation – first in a barrel, and then in a glass bottle. Due to that, it acquires a special taste and flavour.

The wine has a rich yellow-golden colour, calm and clear. The soft flavour reminds overripe apples and pears, as well as field flowers hints. The well-balanced, delicate taste makes it a perfect fit to poultry, fresh vegetable salads, aperitifs and even fruit salads.


  •  Chardonnay
  •  Min 11.0 % vol. 
  •  Bordeaux 0.7 l / 1.25 kg
  •  Natural cork - sealing wax

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