We are a young team of Moldavian open-minded professionals, aiming at bringing a new experience to our UK customers steeped in our native tradition of warmth, friendship and conviviality. To us it is a great honour to represent Moldavian historical and cultural heritage through our unique wine collection, now also available in the United Kingdom.

Moldavian wines are known in many parts of the world. They are naturally held in high regard in various Eastern European countries. However, they are also much esteemed and highly praised in the US and China, having already carved a significant market niche there. We hope that our British customers will welcome a new opportunity to experience a whole new gamut of tastes and bouquets offered in our wine collection which can be found here.

MoldoVAWine House represents Milestii Mici

We proudly represent Milestii Mici – the biggest collection of quality wines in Moldova and the only winery to Feature in the Guinness Records book!

History, tradition, culture, flavour, aroma, the choicest vintages –  all required components of Quality. They all can be experienced during the visit to the State Quality Wines Industrial Complex Milestii Mici, on a set of tours to the underground wine vaults. The structure of the vaults echoes the historical architecture of old feudal castles, complete with its grand entrance into the wine cellars (in fact, the whole underground city of wine),  and crystal-clear spring waters cascading down mingled with wine fountains – none of these leave any guest indifferent.

The visitors can explore the wine cellars on foot and by car, however, it is much more pleasant to walk through the winding lanes lined up with wine stacks and turn to the streets bearing the names of Cabernet, Aligote, Feteasca, like in a proper underground wine city.

The expanse of wine streets/galleries amounts to 200 km, of which approximately 55 km is reserved for technological wine-making purposes. Each wine stack occupies between 30 to 85 m.  You will see no only the wine bottles but also massive oak barrels with wines, dating back to 1970-80’s, their capacity varying from 600 to 2000 wine decaliters. The wood for the barrels was imported from Russia and Ukraine.

A water cascade running among the stone and great oak barrels creates an enchanting fairy-tale atmosphere.  The divine aroma of wine may leave you speechless. On visiting the Milestii Mici vaults, many seek to re-live the experience by coming back year after year.

However, now you do not have to travel that far: you can sit in the comfort of your home, surrounded by the loved ones and your dearest friends, and share the moments of joy and indulgence with them!

Welcome to our underground wine cellar brought to the UK straight from Milestii Mici. You have now found the wine of your dreams. Explore and enjoy our wine cellar here!