ALB DE GITANA 2017 Local Range


ALB DE GITANA 2017 Local Range
Superior white dry wine
Range / collection
Gitana Young
Variety of grapes
Fetească regală (royal maiden) and Chardonnay
White, dry and young wine of high quality
Harvest year
Vineyard/ area/ origin of grapes
45 ha in the wine region Valul lui Traian, s.Romanovca, Protected area
Soils/ types of lands
Standard and carbonate chernozem with clayish texture.
Winemaking process
The winemaking process for the white wines is made by the use of an efficient device.
The harvested grapes were destemmed, then the technique of crio-maceration was used, which consists of maintaining the must in contact with skins for almost 6 hours at a temperature of 20 C. After clearing, the wine was then racked and the alcoholic fermentation took place at a temperature which was kept at 11°C and also with the help of selected yeasts. The wine obtained was stored in stainless steel tanks by applying the technique of battonage.
Tasting notes
The wine has a greenish color.
The intense flavors of wild flowers and peach are completed towards the end with the sweet aromas of Acacia honey.
A fresh and elegant taste, yet but structured and balanced, in perfect harmony with the smell.
Alcohol 13 %
Culinary recommendations
It is recommended as appetizer or with light meals: fish salads,
white meat or grilled fish.
Temperature / recommendation for serving it
8-10° C

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